🇬🇧 🇫🇷 Repair of SIM slot / reparation de la fente SIM - Nantes

Hi all,
I have a broken sim slot (it even seems that I soon have two broken sim slots), see picture, and I am looking for a place to repair it. Anyone who knows about a phone repair shop who are experienced with and/or willing to deal with Fairphones? I live in Nantes.

La fente 2 de la carte sim est cassée (ainsi que bientôt la fente 1 en plus il semble), ci-joint une photo, et je cherche un reperateur des portables qui est disposé à/a de l’experience de reparer un Fairphone. J’habite à Nantes.

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Thank you for the reply. I’ve tried the Troubleshooting tool and I’ve been in touch with the support team, who advice me to find a repairer and to consult the forum. They also offer to repair it of course, but the warranty is out.
As there are no shops close to here on the list you sent, I will try to ask in some random local repair shops, bringing the iFixit guide.

Thank you, and if anyone have any advice or opinions, please don’t hesitate sharing it.

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