Repair my old phone or buy a Fairphone?

So I have my old phone Sony Xperio Z5. I’m happy with it but I had the frosted back glass repaired and now it is broken again.
What would be more environment friendly. Go out and buy a Fairphone, or have the Sony repaired?


You should absolutely get your Sony fixed again. Especially since the FP2 would be a downgrade in almost all aspects! The Z5 has more RAM, better camera, faster CPU, NFC, … You might be really disappointed when switching.


I might go a bit against the recycling program here, but I would always recommend to keep one working backup phone in the household. Every smartphone can temporarily cease to work, and you cannot always count on getting a free temporary replacement until it’s fixed. That’s why I am holding to my old SonyEricsson k700i.


I might say I won’t need the extra RAM or performance but it probably is difficult to judge. And yes, one does get used to a certain amount of performance. I have the Sony extended with a 32GB SD but it uses 22G of internal and 15 of SD memory. Not sure for what though :slight_smile:

But urs_lesse advice is not without merit here. Keep the Sony as a backup and use the Fairphone to show off. I mean show off my inner ecofriendly, fairtrade, MaxHavelaar-self


Here is a poll to help you make a decision:

Should @theking2

  • Repair the Sony Xperia Z5
  • Buy a Fairphone 2

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I would try to repair the phone myself, using the iFixit guides. You should avoid e-waste whenever possible! :wrench:


I like the idea of a backup (smart)phone, but it shouldn’t be artificial, and a case can be made to actually sell a backup smartphone to someone else so that they don’t have to buy a new one. How’s that for reducing e-waste?

I glanced over the specs of the Sony Xperia Z5 and they seem slightly better than FP2. If you just get your screen repaired for say 100 EUR, you can do that 4 more times until you get near the cost of one FP2. Although the comparisons aren’t really fair, since FP2 is durable, and that costs money.

The question of how deep your wallet is should also be taken into account.

I don’t know why your screen broke, but pretty much any phone screen can break. There’s some phones which are very durable like CAT S60. FP2’s screen can in theory be fixed. In practice, there’s a shortage of the screens.

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I switched from a Z5 compact and I am not disappointed.

However, fixing the old is definitely the way to go.


It is the back panel, made of frosted glass, that broke once more. Not sure when that happened. The first time I dropped the phone in an awkward way. My contract is 4 months shy of getting an other phone. Swisscom offers a FP2. And I’m tempting to have my Sony fixed and get a new FP2 in due time. Btw. Awesome, stefan to start at poll. This made this forum a promising well of benign and friendly information.


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