Removing google account

I have deleted an old google account from my phone, by going into settings, but I keep getting an error message popping up asking me to sign in and enter the password for the deleted account. Anyone know how I can get rid of this old account completely?

Google wants to know who is using the phone.
Do you have an google account that you can combine with your phone.
If so, add this google account to your phone. It doesn’t matter if you make a google account just for your phone.
Go to Settings, account and add the preferred account
Go to the play store and login with your chosen account.
Now google should know which account your use on the phone and the annoying messages should stop.

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Thanks for your reply, but unfortunately I’ve already done that. Supposedly all my Google apps are logged in with my new account, but the phone still keeps asking me to sign in to the old account

Perhaps you need to delete this account at a level higher.
To in a webbrowser to ‘’,
Login with the account that you want to delete.
Under “Account preferences,” select Delete your account or services.
Choose a service to delete or select Delete Google Account and data.
Review what you’re deleting and follow the instructions.
Choose Delete

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Thanks again for replying, but that’s not working either. When I try to log in to the old account, google just tells me account disabled and won’t let me do anything else with it.

Maybe you can restore your account at ‘’ and then try to delete the account again. I suggest you do this on a pc, laptop or tablet.

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You could simply install Fairphone OS again, which naturally removes all Google related stuff. Then install Google Apps through the widget/updater.

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