Removing contacts from FP1 without them being removed from FP2

I use a FP2, my husband has my FP1.
I took some of the contacts he didn’t need off the FP1 - and they were erased from my FP2.
Why is this happening? And how can I stop it? I’d like take a load more off his phone, but won’t until I Know they are not going to be erased off my FP2.

Do you sync the contacts between the phones? (This may be the case if you use the same Google account for both phones.)

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I’m actually not sure, if you can delete the Google account on your FP1 (Go to Settings > Accounts > Google and search for a delete option), but if yes, your husband has to register his own Google account.

Or simply delete the Google contacts and save new contacts on the phone offline.

I get a ‘Remove Account’ option on my main account on the FP1, but I do have other Google accounts - so I’m not sure whether you’d need to first add another google account. On the FP1 the ‘remove account’ button can be found by first tapping on the account (this will show a list off stuff that gets synchronised to the cloud) and then tapping the settings hardware button (the rightmost leftmost of the three buttons just below the screen area). I’m guessing that apps installed from the Play store will also disappear from the phone (but I’m not sure), as they may be linked to the google account. Removing an account from the phone will not remove any data stored online in the account (but will remove the data linked to that account from the phone).

You could also just uncheck contacts in the synchronisation list, but I’d advise against that as you’d run the risk of losing your contacts if it gets activated again later.

Thank you all - I have now got a different email account on there - and hope that it works!

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