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I don’t really see a reason for these two modifications, so I’ve patched them out (frameworks/base, apps/Settings). If you want to do it as well:
repo download -c fp2-dev/platform/frameworks/base 19 repo download -c fp2-dev/platform/packages/apps/Settings 17


Hi, I would like to apply this to my phone as well. Could you explain a little where I have to enter these commands?

You need to compile the Fairphone2 OS yourself and can apply them locally (for example after the repo sync. See [HOWTO] ✏ Compiling Fairphone Open OS / Rooting for a full explanation.

Can’t you just edit the manifest so they even don’t get downloaded in the first place?

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No, they are part of frameworks/base and packages/apps/Settings, which are essential packages.

Ok, thanks!

Hi, I am trying to make my build without them, but actually do not understand your explanation. I have found


however I do not know which file or what to modify previosly such that they won’t appear in my build after. A little bit more of details would be nice, e.g. what do the numbers (12; 13) at the end actually mean.

You can simply run the commands from they fairphone_os root dir, as any other repo command. The numbers correspond to the patches in the Gerrit system (I’ve added links now as well).

okay in the meanwhile i found your gerrit (and the meaning of the numbers) because I went on to unified nlp :smiley: it is just that I do not understand what to change by myself in the build-tree. You don’t have to explain it, but you would help me to learn what actually happens.

You can read about repo download here:

actually I am fine with the download, and I applied it to my worktree, it was just, that I didn’t knew what to do in the first place… Since I downloaded it now and intergrated it, I can check by myself which changes you applied. Thank you so far.

Hi Guys
I would love to deinstall this two apps. Could someone please offer me the modified flashable ROM?
Thanks a lot!

Why isn’t there an easy way to show the clock on locked screen? Also I would like to write my ICE and allergy info on locked screen. Please explain as to a child.


Simply touch the widget on the lock screen until it shows the clock. It will remember the last state.

You can go to Settings > Security. There is an option “About the owner” or sth. similar.
The information you record there will be displayed on the lock screen.

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Thank you! . . . . .

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