Remove or stop Fairphone Updater

Now that nothing is being updated anymore on FP1, i’d like to remove that Updater that keeps searching for updates. How should i do that?

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Lots of people would be happy if you found a way to achieve that. However, as far as I can remember, people have been trying to kill the Fairphone Updater app ever since the FP1 was launched – without any success. It just won’t die.

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Well there is a way to keep the Updater from searching for updates: Autostarts (You can find it on F-Droid if you enable the F-Droid Archive Repository and probably on the Play Store too).


Hmmm, well, the FP1’s OS is rooted by default, right? Then you can uninstall the app with a root app manager or a root backup manager.

However, I personally won’t recommend that drastic option, but “freeze” the app. Oandbackup (open source app available in F-Droid) can do this. If you don’t have F-Droid, I know that Titanium Backup (closed-source but free app) has an option for that, but good luck finding it in its ugly and congestionated interface.

After freezing the app, you can safely remove Oandbackup or Titanium Backup or whatever app you used. A frozen app still frozen —it is like disabling a preinstalled app from Settings > App, in fact.


Thanks for the reply. Would be nice to be able to stop apps from starting automatically, i have more candidates for that…
But in f-droid archives, i couldn’t find Autostarts any more. says something about a disabled signing algorthm and known vulnerabilities and shows a 404 error.
In Google, there is a paid version; don’t have problems with that 1.5 euros but my phone is googleless…

Your FP1 is so outdated security-wise that the F-Droid warning won’t do much harm. It’s only about an old signing algorithm that affects all older apps.

In F-Droid, activate the archive as a package source. I can install it here on my FP1:

Thanks, installed OandBackup. I found options ‘disable’ and ‘enable’, that does the job for now.

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ok, thx, will try again…

found it! after selecting the repository, it needed some time to update its data…


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