Remove icons ("hotseat"?) at the bottom of the screen

Since the update to Andoid6, the icons that have previously been in the Edge Swipe (the side menu with the four favorite apps) are now in the ‘hotseat’ (bottom part of the homescreen).
They take up a lot of space. How can I remove or at least hide that area?
I have nothing in there. Only the “All Apps” button which I don’t us.

The new FP OS (Android 6) comes with a new launcher and many specific features were removed. If you don’t like the app dock you’ll have to install a #launchers that doesn’t have one.

Or you can wait for the community-republished version of the old FP launcher:

One option is also to extract the old launcher with the Edge Swipe feature from a Lollipop (list of older Fairphone OS versions) and install it on your device manually.

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