Remove Fairphone lockscreen clock

Just got my Fairphone 2, and I really hate the look of the clock on the Lockscreen.

How do I reset it to the default Google Lollipop one? I can’t find any lockscreen setting anywhere :frowning:

What’s the app that makes it have a Fairphone specific widget?



The standard lockscreen can not be edited, you’ll need to install a different lockscreen (app) if you are not happy with this one.

Thanks for letting me know!

Just to be clear - Fairphone is shipping with a fork of the official, original Google lockscreen app, modified to have the changed clock widget?

Is there a version of the actual Lollipop lock screen in the appstore somewhere?

If you compile FP2 OS for yourself, you can apply my patches to remove the modifications as well, see:

Thanks, that’s fantastic!

I don’t feel quite ready to recompile for my main phone… I’m glad that you are though, and hopefully we’ll have native clean distro in the end!