Remove application on the lock screen

Hi Fairphoners,

On the FP lock screen, if I swipe the screen to the left, I start the camera application.
Doeing this, it is possible to use it without having unlocked the phone.

How can I remove this setting ?


I don’t believe you can disable this as you can’t drag it off screen like other widgets.

The function doesn’t “unlock” your phone as you can’t exit the camera into other apps, it will only ever take you to the lock screen again. So you are only ever opening the camera without unlocking.

Hi @Chris_R, @fnx,
just a small addition. If you don’t have a security mechanism on your lock screen (pattern, password, face recognition, etc.), when exiting the camera it will take you to your home screen, not back to your lock screen. (At least it does for me, I have only “Slide” for unlocking my screen, no additional security code etc.)

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I can confirm this - sliding to start the camera from the lock-screen gets you to the home-screen after exiting/hiding/pausing (what is the word?) the camera.

I did an aquard thing though witth OS 1.3 - I managed to get rid of the additional lock-screen screens. I could not have any widgets or slide to start the camera. It was the clock and the pattern and i could not hide the pattern. Actually I preferred it that way. Might set it up as a suggestion to have that option - to set the amount of screens, both lock-screens and home-screens and home-screen sticky icons. I would also like a lock-screen widget that shows you the OS-notefications.

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Same issue here. This is quite lame : my phone keeps doing things in my pocket and I suspect this behavior to be partially responsible of it.
There must be a way to set the lock screen to unlocking only… Hope I can find a solution to this !

There’s some discussion on why the camera is on the lockscreen (Google design) and the inevitable app to change that behaviour (Lockscreen policy) in the thread over here.

Also, GravityBox (an Xposed module for mediatek devices) allows disabling the emergency dialler (and warns that doing so is at your own risk), if Lockscreen policy doesn’t also offer this functionality. I would suggest only using Xposed/GravityBox if you feel confident about messing around with the phone - people have managed to lock themselves out of their phone and then needed to perform hard resets.

I’m not aware of a built-in mechanism to remove all panels from the lockscreen, but the above may help in achieving the next best thing.


The Lockscreen policy app does the job perfectly! Thanks