Remarks by the software update FP4 20230318

@Yasen_Tomov Thanks for appearing!

I don’t think the main problem is Fairphones ‘involvement in the forum’, it’s more the lack of development and the lack of a channel for complaints that seem structural and aren’t failures of a single phone.
Contact support- this is a user forum’ is being repeated like a mantra from older users, but for someone having joined some months ago there’s no hint how Faiphone company itself would like to channel such complaints.
And there are a lot of such complaints and Fairphone company has members in this Forum. So leaving it in the dark / not expressing might even be interpreted as disinterest or carelessness. It doesn’t seem wise not giving a (maybe repeated) hint, how the company itself likes to handle such complaints…

If it’s ‘contact support’ then a confirmation by a Fairphone employee from time to time would be wise, but I share the worries mentioned here:

In case 'it really should be ‘support’ there should exist (transparent) mechanisms to filter and collect such complaints…

Thanks for that, I always thought beta programs were conducte earlier in the workflow but certainly a way to go! If I’d be an ongoing Fairphone user I’d like to know a little more about the reasons and the goals of such a program:
Were the discussions here in the forum a co factor or irrelevant? Which problems were identified and how would it be possible to affect these goals if even possible or thought of by Faiphone?


Very few maybe one or two, so I would expect little response unless you reply to one of their posts. This forum is about the phone, and peripherals and can offer ‘free’ advice from other uses and some empathy to those struggling with issue.

And to clarify in case someone thinks otherwise Fairphone Angels are just tags adopted by users who offer personal help.

There is a beta programme for the FP3 and now one for the FP4 on upcoming OS releases, so that provides an opportunity for users to help, if they are happy to use their daily driver as a test bench, so far on my FP3 things are OK, small glitches but I happy to help.

Should this, should that . . . ? I image the employees are not sitting around drinking camomile tea all day, or whatever else they can get in Amsterdam.

More staff would want paying and no doubt Fairphone have that under consideration

Just asking them to do more work is more work for them, luckily this is just a user forum and they are unlikely to read your post and my comment etc.

But doesn’t it feel great to be able to tell other users how you feel, definitely not for Fairphones ears, they’d go deaf, or maybe that’s what happened years ago, too much drumming on their ears, ‘boom boom, sound sounds of doom, move your arse gime some room

This exists since the beginning and is not new. New is only the fact, that everyone with a forum account can apply.


For me it is totally contradictory that Fairphone has a forum, also posts information about an update and also wants to hear feedback in the forum and at the same time you claim that Fairphone is not reading along here, although there is also a forum officer? How weird is that?

Fairphone doesn’t have a ‘forum’ , the users have a forum hosted by Fairphone.

I see nowhere that Fairphone ask anyone to give feedback via the forum, support is for that.

The exception being that Fairphone do post when they have an update and any response to that topic and in that topic is likely to be read, but not this one for example.

Yvmuell clearly asked that such discussions are kept separate and that is common sense, that people still want to make general whinges on multiple topic, is user venting.

I find it tedious and demanding and Faiphone and anyone with something better to do just would not reply. But those that come here to help rather than complain try to relate to the stressed out user, it’s a human aspiration, having a phone is not


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