Remarks by the software update FP4 20230318

A problem remains. It doesn’t inspire much confidence in the product if even such “small” and cosmetic problems cannot be solved. In order to be able to make calls, I don’t need to buy a €650 smartphone plus a €40 protective cover. For the money you get many other good devices on the market.

Are you trolling ? Not able to make calls ?


Absolutely, so did you buy one? as if not you may be dissapointed noting you criticisms.

That is not easy as the aspect I’m looking for is Fair trade. I can see the is now the Shift company that also what to treat the laborers better but I don’t think they are any cheaper, and money is not the issue.

Fairphone started with establishing the Fair Trade Gold, now that is impressive so I’ve bought into the idea via a phone which they use to promote the ethics. Brilliant I definitely couldn’t have got that together. Nor could I have got together to buy cheaper phones where the concept of fair trade doesn’t exist.

I imagine people with little money would avoid the fairphone, even without reading about any quality issues.

But as you said,

and nor does anyone else

But having done so it seems reasonable to understand why and why they have either a practical problem with the phone or an emotional one with their decision to purchase which is then so often targeted at Fairphone, via a public forum that they rarely read. Still I think they do read this topic :slight_smile:

Take care

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It is a test device from my employer. The device should be introduced as a green alternative to iPhones.

Unfortunately, hardly anyone is interested in this, in everyday use no company can afford that they have to annoy employees about such small things as the launcher, or problems with Bluetooth headsets. This is a catastrophe for the IT service department.

First and foremost it has to work. It doesn’t matter how “green” a device is. If it’s disappointing and can’t do the simplest things, like a Bluetooth headset with HD audio (no matter which sub-version of it) doesn’t work after a headset, shows how problematic something can be when several hundred employees have to mess around with something like that.

What bothers me here is that no one in the forum feels responsible for Fairphone to make a declaration of intent here. There are enough problems described. The third update has now come out.

  • The bluetooth problem is still there,
  • the headset problem is still there,
  • the google weather widget problem is still there,
  • the launcher problem is still there,
  • the Ghosttouch problems are still there,
  • display brightness problems

All these problems were not present with Android 11. The update to Android 12 has now caused all the problems. Is it wrong to expect that the probelms will be corrected accordingly?
And there’s just no response at all. You’re just left alone here and that’s all fair.


I agree with most of what you say, but “no one in the forum” . The forum is centred around users not Fairphone employees.

What do you mean mean by declaration of intent? Do you mean you want a public response the all the issue raised by the users from a Fairphone employee.

Well as they don’t read much that’s was never in the plan and why would that change?

Secondly users that have ‘real’ problems can contact Fairphone and get personal help, though it may take time . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

And of course if a number of people contact Fairphone with a similar issue and Fairphone can replicate it then I ‘imagine’ it will go on a prioritised list of issues to be looked at in depth to see what can be done.

In your situation, as a user of your employer, you can really only complain to them to ask for official support, asking here is not going to work except in the issue of being able to vent your frustration.

What can I say? I can see you are not happy . . . maybe give the phone back to your employer and ask them not to burden you :frowning:

Don’t forget this topic is about the latest software update, not one for general whinging about what Fairphone could/should do etc. :slight_smile:

As the forum is not moderated by Fairphone, you can create a whole new topic just to complain, but there are so many complaints, adding general complaints to a specific topic is rather unproductive, for the general reader and can be annoying. I don’t see that you will get much benefit other that attention to how unhappy you appear to be.

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It says here that we should all give feedback. What’s wrong with writing this in here?

If you ruin your reputation, it will be very difficult to get out of it.
I was overjoyed to have received the FairPhone 4. It just worked in conjunction with the corporate environment. If the new FairPhone 5 has similar problems, then frustration will appear again. It stands or falls with the quality of the end product. It’s not enough to write “We are green” on it.

For me personally a better screen, vibration motor and camera would already go a long way. Software quality should improve as well, of course.

Aren’t these all parts that the Fairphone 4 could theoretically get as an upgrade hardware? :smiley:

Yeah probably, but I feel the camera could be upgraded with software. The screen, well, I doubt we’ll see that improvement in anything but a FP5.

I asked this in the past, a LED screen would be thinner and thus not a good fit for the FP4. The motor has to do with the size I suppose. Camera should be improved in software, but I guess FP can benefit from improved hardware to make quicker gains.

I mean feedback here about the update . . . yes, but comments comments and complaints about other things it seems a bit off topic doesn’t it ??.

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maybe? reflect your action in this thread.

Could you be more specific about what you would like me consider?


There are of course also still the issues from Android 11 that also made it into Android 12:

I do still support their mission and I have high hopes for the Fairphone 5. But I sometimes do miss the fairness for the end users. Sometimes it seems some corners are cut to reduce the cost which impact the end users.


I don’t understand Fairphone. There are a lot of complaints of users about the topics SpongeBob addresses, me too.
And everytime a new update is announced I hope the problems like ghost inputs will be solved. But no.
Why does Fairphone not uses this platform for input in development!
Very disappointing :frowning:

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Maybe that’s because a hardware problem (and that’s what seems to be) can rarely be fixed by software updates.


The forum is too large to scavenge for info, that would be unrealistic.


  • If a user has a problem they have the option to contact support directly to get a personal response. Repeatedly whinging on the forum is just asking for user sympathy from other users, which is also limited
  • Faiphone do create a new topic when they publish an OS update and that is the public place to make the odd note, but it is not a designated support topic. Bu continuously complaining in such a topic then makes in a difficult an unnecessary unpleasant read for Fairphone so can only slow down any behind the scenes solution

This platform is run by volunteers not Fairphone, they have minimal input and clearly want to keep it that way.

There are Beta channels for users to ‘help’ with but not that many people engage.

As for ‘development’ that a stretch, you mean a web interface for users to alter and present code. I think that would just slow things down more. You may have heard “two many cooks spoil the broth”

The same as I imagine most user don’t care about the developers or anyone else when they have a problem


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Presumably because development is outsourced, meaning in practice that the developers don’t care about this forum in the slightest.

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may be you are right but then they have to help and fix it. since the phone is modular it can be done. but they even don’t react on the issues. sometimes the phone has gone mad and goes it’s own way, just like Fairphone company


If you contact Fairphone they will respond to you as an individual. There’s no indication that a problem is a module problem and can be resolved by swapping.

You would have to go through numerous tests, or maybe if you think it is a module you could find a #fairphoneangel near you that is will to help you swap modules…