Remarks by the software update FP4 20230318

Yeah probably, but I feel the camera could be upgraded with software. The screen, well, I doubt we’ll see that improvement in anything but a FP5.

I asked this in the past, a LED screen would be thinner and thus not a good fit for the FP4. The motor has to do with the size I suppose. Camera should be improved in software, but I guess FP can benefit from improved hardware to make quicker gains.

I mean feedback here about the update . . . yes, but comments comments and complaints about other things it seems a bit off topic doesn’t it ??.

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maybe? reflect your action in this thread.

Could you be more specific about what you would like me consider?


There are of course also still the issues from Android 11 that also made it into Android 12:

I do still support their mission and I have high hopes for the Fairphone 5. But I sometimes do miss the fairness for the end users. Sometimes it seems some corners are cut to reduce the cost which impact the end users.


I don’t understand Fairphone. There are a lot of complaints of users about the topics SpongeBob addresses, me too.
And everytime a new update is announced I hope the problems like ghost inputs will be solved. But no.
Why does Fairphone not uses this platform for input in development!
Very disappointing :frowning:

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Maybe that’s because a hardware problem (and that’s what seems to be) can rarely be fixed by software updates.


The forum is too large to scavenge for info, that would be unrealistic.


  • If a user has a problem they have the option to contact support directly to get a personal response. Repeatedly whinging on the forum is just asking for user sympathy from other users, which is also limited
  • Faiphone do create a new topic when they publish an OS update and that is the public place to make the odd note, but it is not a designated support topic. Bu continuously complaining in such a topic then makes in a difficult an unnecessary unpleasant read for Fairphone so can only slow down any behind the scenes solution

This platform is run by volunteers not Fairphone, they have minimal input and clearly want to keep it that way.

There are Beta channels for users to ‘help’ with but not that many people engage.

As for ‘development’ that a stretch, you mean a web interface for users to alter and present code. I think that would just slow things down more. You may have heard “two many cooks spoil the broth”

The same as I imagine most user don’t care about the developers or anyone else when they have a problem


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Presumably because development is outsourced, meaning in practice that the developers don’t care about this forum in the slightest.

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may be you are right but then they have to help and fix it. since the phone is modular it can be done. but they even don’t react on the issues. sometimes the phone has gone mad and goes it’s own way, just like Fairphone company


If you contact Fairphone they will respond to you as an individual. There’s no indication that a problem is a module problem and can be resolved by swapping.

You would have to go through numerous tests, or maybe if you think it is a module you could find a #fairphoneangel near you that is will to help you swap modules…


As it has been a while since the FP2 was introduced my memory might not be 100% accurate, but even back then with the old models when software development was not outsourced, this forum wasn’t the input for development either.


I haven’t seen it mentioned here, but didn’t FairPhone start out with the goal of just being a proof of concept? I think I remember reading somewhere that it would be great if other companies saw things like sustainability and modular design working, and tried to use that themselves. Obviously, they’re nowhere near the size of any major phone producers, and that makes development and support harder.
I tend to be an idealist, and the fact that they’re trying to make a difference in the industry is something I’m willing to pay for, and I’m also very willing to deal with some additional challenges for it.


Yeap! that was my understanding at purchase, also why I didn’t bother until the FP3, with a daughter’s shove.

Well some reckless people managed to get/inaugurate Fair Trade gold and had to find a use for it ~ a phone seems like a great idea

Why would Fairphone need defending, it the general user that is dealing with how upset you are, and that’s partly what the forum copes with, as well as user experience is working issues with the phone.

However the users are not here to solve software issues and repeatedly having a go at Fairphone users is rather cruel.

Speaking up for an issue is something I consider positive along with the users. If Fairphone is of the opinion that you don’t need any transparency towards your customers, you shouldn’t be surprised if you use a different smartphone the next time you extend your contract.
Fairphone has the potential to take a strong position with their special smartphones. Like Apple with their iPhones, or Tesla with their cars. If you introduce a communication channel, it must also be maintained by the company and not left to the users. The special thing about the Bluetooth problem is that the users have also bought expensive headphones for their expensive premium smartphones, which currently sound like the 10€ discount devices.

It seems a regular argument that you use this forum to tell Fairphone how to behave.

  • It seems Fairphone set up the forum to be used for and by the users to chat and offer casual help.

  • Any help that could be supported by the warranty has to go via support, not the fourm.

  • Any complaints, requests or idea that you want Fairphone to acknowledge, again contact Fairphone

  • The site is especially desgined for user interaction, Fairphone do not read of interfere with it’s running or content

  • The only exceptions are

    • The update the discourse engine
    • The add a topic when a new OS update is available and do monitor that topic
    • Behind the general public use there is a Beta team that has user helper to find bugs, not to fix anything

So again you are using a topic to complain about Fairphone and try to be an authority on how they should run their business.

It would make more sense you contact them. I’m pretty aware that you want other users to know you are unhappy, got it . . .

But could you please think about what you say, maybe I don’t read as you intent as English is not your base languge

  • If Fairphone is of the opinion that you don’t need any transparency towards your customers,

What is that, transparency about what? If you know what you are talking about then it is transparent.

If you don’t know what you are talking about then how can you ask someone to be transparent about something you do not know exits.

Fairphone are not going

  • to tell you their every move.
  • to test a phone with every conceivable app, let alone combinations
  • to test all peripherals like headphones, car interfaces
  • to check the adapters will work with all earbuds on the market

You keep trying to lay all the responsibility for your disappointments etc. on Fairphone’s doorstep but you have been told many times, you have the wrong address.

As a user I, not Fairphone read your comments and all that is happening is that some users will get a bit upset maybe as they try to feel for your, Fairphone won’t and it’s not their job. It’s not mine really as I have no contract to support you.

I just feel for you and can see you could do with attention, but that’s it. You don’t seem to change your outlook or actions regarding complaining about Fairphone on this forum, so I hope you are getting at least some satisfaction that you are not being totally ignored.

All the best, take care


Your answer is kinda cute :). I don’t need attention. Everything’s ok. Thanks for your speculation on my personal references.

Your opinion is accepted, it’s ok if you see it differently.
I can see that a communication channel has been introduced and this can be used. I understood you too, don’t worry.

This is an OFFICIAL Fairphone forum and not a third party. So I’ll give my feedback here as well.

You could also deal more with the problem instead of setting yourself up as a communications policeman who says what and how.

Thanks for your understanding.


Setting up a customer-to-customer forum is a common move meant to prune all the ID-10T (also known as PEBMAC/PEBCAK) type issues before they swamp support. It ensures support only gets the serious problems.
As such it obviously doesn’t need to be monitored, it is independent, just some kind of sedimentation tank filtering the heavier nonsense before it clogs your pipes.

So it isn’t really surprising they don’t bother with it, but they seem to forget they are not just a basely commercial, profit-driven company, they pretend to have a message, a mission. And a forum is a great (and cheap!) place for marketing to keep the flame burning and the fans motivated. Missed opportunities… -shrug-