Reliable Skype version for FP2

I need Skype to stay in touch with friends and family abroad.
Skype has never been fully reliable on my FP2, particularly I’ve always had trouble with notifications, especially call notification. The phone only rang if the app was open and active.
Anyway, recently it got worse and now it is almost useless. I do not know if because of a Skype update or a Fp update or else, but now I simply cannot call. Every call fails.
I read that new versions of Skype have often problems on Android and that sometimes downgrading to an old Skype version helps.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Can anyone suggest a reliable Skype version for FP2? Where could I download it?

The issue may be related with Skype needing push notifications. I’ve never used Skype myself, but the APK requires permissions for that purpose. Android push notification system is offered by Google Mobile Services. But I see you are using FP Open, which does not include Google Mobile Services.

You can solve that problem by (choose only one):

  • Installing a minimal GApps (GMS) package (easy, but jeopardizes the use of FP Open instead of FP GMS, IMO)
  • Trying the free-as-in-freedom GMS implementation called microG (a little more complex).

You can find lots of information on the forum for both ways, including install tutorials and OS update guides, :wink:


Thx for your answer. However, the main problem now is not notifications, is calls fail. With this issue, even if I get the notifications to work, the app will still be useless. Do anyone have a working Skype on a Fp open? Which version is it?

You may be surprised about how unrelated things are interconnected on (crappy) Android apps. In a company I worked for, an app we were adding features to wasn’t able to take a picture because I had no Google Mobile Services installed on my former Nexus 4… (inherited codebase was a complete mess!)

Anyway, I agree I’d be useful if someone here could contribute his/her experience with Skype on FP Open

I have issues with skype too, even though it is open, status online, i sometimes have to restart the whole phone to actually get the call. After that it also shows the missed calls from inbetween, which it didn’t before restarting. I can call though. But the screen turns dark as soon as the call in on and there is no way to reactivate it except - right, take the battery out and restart. Which makes handling incoming calls etc. impossible. This happens as well with calls on whatsapp and now Wire.
I use Skype version

Oh damn, I just saw FP Open. I got Google stuff back on, was too complicated for me when I had it degoogled.

This is a proximity sensor issue; recalibrating may help, see here:
I’m not sure what the availibility status is for Open (but you mentioned you went back to regular anyway)


The proximity sensor calibration tool is also included in Open OS (I think since 16.09).


I noticed, that I can make Skype calls only, if I start “without video” (=normal call) and only after establishing the call I can activate the video.
It is not possible in most cases to directly start a “video call”.
No solution, just a work-around, if it is the same problem which you have.

Unfortunately I cannot seem able to do simple calls (nor videocalls). I am also on Skype 7.20.

I have no issues with the proximity sensor and closing calls though.

Just for the records, apparently my skype issues were caused by some bad xprivacy setting, too many restrictions.
I had to reset the skype restrictions settings in xprivacy and set them again manually.

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