Relationship between version and baseband version

What is the relationship between the version of given in ✏ FP2 modem firmware and the baseband version shown in settings > about phone > Baseband version?

We adopted the Fairphone OS version scheme for the files. It seemed like a good idea back then, especially because Fairphone updated the binary firmware files with (almost) every release of Fairphone OS.

Currently, the modem firmware hasn’t been updated by Fairphone since March. Therefore the versioning scheme for the file doesn’t make that much sense anymore.

I’ve added the current version string you can find in Settings -> About phone -> Baseband version to the wiki post to make it more clear. However, as the does not only include the baseband firmware, but also other firmware components (e.g. TrustZone firmware), you should keep an eye on both version numbers, or for updates in general.



Just to complicate matters, the Baseband version can stay the same even after modem firmware updates as was the case with versions 17.09.3 and 17.11.2, both reporting Baseband version 4437.1-FP2-0-07 back then.

I guess this is the reason …

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to be honest is quite hard to remember if I installed the latest in e.g. April as Baseband version is only an indicator if I’m up to date. In particular as I relay on the LineageOS updates (which also seems update modem as I haven’t updated from v17 to v18 by myself).
Would be appreciated if you post a reply in FP2 modem firmware as soon as a new version is up. You can delete this a couple of days later but I subscribers will be informed that there is something new.

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