Reinstall phone app

Is it possible to uninstall and reinstall the phone app? My phone reboots very often when i try to make a call but I don’t understand how to uninstall the app.

Edit. I have restored to factory settings through the settings menu but that didn’t help. Is the power button/volume up button reset different? Can it be successful?

How old is your SIM card? Please have a look at the #rebootsguide and go through the recommended troubleshooting steps.

From what I take from here a factory reset removes most user data, but doesn’t repair system apps. Maybe you should run the latest update again, which should be possible in the Updater app (like it was with FP1).

So you use dual SIM? Do the reboots happen just after selecting the appropriate SIM card?

Yes and yes. The reciever of the call answers and noone is there because my phone is rebooting.

I’m having issues reinstalling the OS, the download doesn’t start. :persevere:

Are you on WiFi? Afaik it is only possible when you are connected to a WiFi.


Did you try waiting at least 4-5 second before selecting the SIM (and so starting the call)? I know it sounds a bit strange. But if you do that, the reboot will no longer happen.

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