Registration for 5-Year-Warranty

Hello, i got a question about the registration process for extended warrenty.
How long does it usually take to get the respond-mail after you registered?
I am worried I did a mistake when i typed in the mail adress because I haven’t received a mail yet.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

You’d better contact Fairphone directly this is just a user forum


The process is actually a bit… buggy.
I made the registration process 3 times because the app kept popping a reminder in notification bar so I assumed something was wrong.
3 times with the same mail, only received confirmation the third time.
I kept receiving the popup even after, ended up removing the “My Fairpone App” anyway :slight_smile:

Hi, I registered my parent’s FP4 warranty on Saturday and immediately received the confirmation email. Today, after three days, I received another email titled „Remember to register your Fairphone 4“. Can I assume that this is just a bug on Fairphone‘s side and is there a way to check whether my warranty got activated? I cannot see it in my account, but maybe it is in FP‘s app (don‘t have access right now)?

It would seem better to ask support|at|fairphone|dot|com that user on this forum.

So you do not see your personal Fairphone (eg with your IMEI-number) in or linked with your account or fairphone app, as is the case with other online shops?

Hi If you are responding to me, I don’t check my account nor use the Fairphone app.

Just checked my account for the FP3 I bought and there is no IMEI number, that I can find on the phone.

I’ve no idea if other shops show an IMEI number, this is the only phone I have bought online.


Thank you! I even received an email (so not via FP app), but I now wrote an email to support to enquire. I will let you know how that turns out.

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