Register for extended warranty without paper receipt?

I received my new phone last week but don’t have a paper receipt (yet). The piece of paper that came with it specifically states “Dispatch Notice”. I tried to register for the extended warranty but it asks for a picture of the paper receipt. Can I register without a paper receipt?

Where did you order from? Don’t you have a PDF invoice?

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I have a PDF invoice. The registration page specifies that I have to upload a photo/scan of a paper invoice.

The 3rd step at Register your Fairphone 4 - Fairphone states the following:

Upload your proof of purchase

Valid proofs of purchase include a digital scan, pdf file or photo of your paper receipt. Please upload 1 file that shows the following information:

  • Date of purchase
  • Fairphone model
  • Purchase price
  • Name of reseller, if applicable

So just upload the pdf invoice. I did the same and everything is fine. :wink:


Thanks. I got confused by the wording, it made it sound like you had to upload the paper receipt but could do it in different file formats. I have pdf so will do that.

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