Refurbished FP2?

Does/can Fairphone sell refurbished FP2’s, does anyone know?
Though FP2 software support is ending soon, I prefer to carry on with using FP2 as I don’t like the size of the newer models.
I would gladly buy a couple of refurbished models if available…

Fairphone sold the last refurbished FP2s in the summer of 2019. Apparently Fairphone won’t even sell any further refurbished FP3 nor FP3+.

I am not aware of anyone else still selling refurbished FP2s.

I think your only option would be private sellers passing on their used FP2 – either in this forum’s marketplace or in other markets for used goods.


Hi, Thanks for this info.
Where do I find the forum marketplace btw?


One more thing – you might already know, so just to make sure: Fairphone continues to offer some FP2 spare parts in their own shop (I did see your search now, so I’m aware your residence in the UK probably makes trades on your side of the Channel more worthwhile):

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