Refurbished Fairphone 2 Screen flatters

Hi there,

I have a refurbished FP2 and it has problems with the screen.
The screen flatters and scrolls randomly while just using it normally or charging it. I have tried charging it with a normal charger and also via USB, but it doesn’t make a difference.
It has the latest Update, so it shouldn’t be that.

Thanks for ur help,

That’s odd. A refurbished phone should mean somebody actually test-ran it and gave it an OK.
A common start to tackle something like this would be to take the screen off the phone and clean the contacts with cleaning alcohol or something else suitable.


If that doesn’t help, work along the trouble-shooting guide. In the end you might need to call support.



Okay. Thanks for the support. I have taken off the screen of the phone. I didn’t clean the contacts because they looked fine to me and clean. The contacts on the motherboard just look a little used, but this is something I would expect from a refurbished phone. It should be fine.
I have also checked all the tips on the technical support site. So far it did not change. At least it doesn’t happen that many times as before.
I will let you know, when it is completely solved.



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