Reduced carrier signal

Recently my first generation FP has problems being connected to the carrier signal.

I’m not sure anything traumatic (phone drop) happened, but I wonder how I could troubleshoot this to make sure the carrier antenna is still working fine.

Is there a way to check up my FP to see if it’s an hardware problem?

Probably similar to Signal Lost at Home?

Is it possible for you to try using a different carrier? Could you borrow the SIM of a friend/family and see if you have the same problem with their SIM?

If you only have one SIM, you could also try seeing if you have the same problem in the second SIM slot.

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Hm, I can’t remember any factory test or app to check if it is a hardware problem. But I’d suggest you check which band you are using: 2G or 3G, or both? I’m having trouble with 3G in some circumstances, and with 2G in others.
I usually loose 3G connection at home, which leaves me for a certain time without connection before 2G weights in. In one of my working, I have terrible 2G connectivity, leading to bad voice quality and call drops; when I switch to 3G only there, I’ve got no trouble.

I can’t remember if this is standard, but I’m using the band selector in my quick settings menu. Probably got that from GravityBox. Quite convenient, I can recommend this.