Recycling of my old FP3

Why am I unable to recycle my old FP3. I recently purchased a FP4 and want to recycle my old phone but when I attempt to complete the online form for returns it does not have the UK in its drop down menu list and consequently I am unable to complete the form???

Unfortunately, the UK is not part of Fairphone’s recycling program. See question 2 and 5 (info hasn’t changed since the start of this new program in 2021) here:

As for why, you will need to ask Fairphone itself.

P.S.: If your FP3 is still fully functional, you might want to consider offering it for sale in this forum’s inofficial market place:

The maximum value the Fairphone Recycling Program gives is 80 Euros (FP3) resp. 85 Euros (FP3+). If your FP3 still completely works, I think you might get even more for it selling it yourself to someone else directly.


Hi and welcome to the forum.

I’m in the UK and you could send it to me and I can use it for parts maybe. If that suits you I will private message my address.

All the best

Apologies I was thinking it wasn’t working, selling on the forum as suggested above may be a better option :slight_smile:


May amount to activities outside of the EU common market being a total hassle in comparison, and thus to be considered very carefully.


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