Recycling, Cashback if a FP3 is not purchased on the FP website

Hello Fairphone family,

I purchased a brand new Fairphone 3 on a reseller shop in Germany because of delivery time and proximity. My Fairphone 1 is still fully working (only the mini usb port has a problem, but connecting a cable with the right angle charges de battery). Now I see that the cashback promotion only applies if it was purchased on , which makes me sad. Does this mean I have no right for a cashback? Do I have to send this Fairphone 3 back to the reseller and purchase a new one on the website so that I can send you the Fairphone 1 and get the discount? This would be a great disadvantage, since more time and fuel have to be spend in the process and the cashback promotion ends in 3 days.

Thank you for your help FP community!

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These types of promotions are usually paid for out of the reseller margin that is included in the price of the new device and the expected value (if any) of the returned phone. The reseller margin has obviously gone to the reseller, probably making it economically unviable for Fairphone to offer a discount (as they’ve already ‘paid’ out part of it to the reseller). I’m assuming this is why the terms and conditions limit the recycling refunds to verified purchases from their own shop.


Thanx Johannes, that is a possibility that i also thought about. Alternatively I might find someone who wants to buy the FP1 I’ve got. :blush:


If you can’t sell your phone, consider taking it to a shop, they usually take phones for recycling. Sometimes they even give you some money for it, but otherwise at least you’re sure the materials are re-used.

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i have exactly the same issue :frowning: so there is no way around buying at directly? i have bought my FP3 at, which is even listed at local stores at fairphones site so there is a cooperation. But can’t send my FP2 back to fairphone now with a refund. Any chance to fix that problem?

Folks, Fairphone does not own a money-printing machine.

I think Johannes has clearly explained why Fairphone cannot apply this to FP3s sold by other outlets.


To be honest I’m a bit phased at the expectation that FP would pay for you to send your old phone.


Yeah, well, “sure” – not so much. Probably they just chuck it in the “recycling” bin where it may or may not actually be recycled. In the worst case they just chuck it into the ordinary rubbish bin.

If you want to be sure just send it back to Fairphone. You won’t get any money but at least it will be reused or recycled. Pity about the transport waste.

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