Recurrent and different problems with time display

I searched and did not find my problem on the forum so here we go, knowing that this problem has been occurring for weeks now (I waited to see if a bug could be fixed by system update) :

  1. The time displayed in the upper section of the screen (the one with the different infos such as networks, battery and time and that we can extend in order to set different options such as “plane mode” and others) is regularly wrong, in brief it is not updated along current time.

  2. The widget “horloge” (or clock I guess in English) also regularly shows wrong current time. I just remove the google clock for another clock widget (from F-droid) but result is the same.

  3. In sleep mode, after a touch on the screen, the time is again wrong.

  4. I tried different options in vain (setting time manually or with network). Sometimes, by resetting current time in Settings / Date and time, the actual time is displayed correctly again, sometimes not, only a reboot fixes the problem.

So the problem seems to be a lack of “refreshing” of time in the different displays.

Is there anything I can do to fix what looks very much as a bug ?

Actually things are not getting any better, I had long delays or lags with the screen today, like 4 or 5 seconds delay for any app to launch.
I also got this kind of screen FP2_screen for one short moment (1/2 second) precisely every-time I started the phone.
So far it has been fixed by removing the battery and waiting for a while.

Try to #disassemble the phone and clean the contacts. If that doesn’t help the display is likely broken - if you’re very unlucky it’s the main module.
Go to Settings -> Maintenance -> Checkup and do the “Free Drawing” test. This doesn’t test for the issue you have, but there is a chance this test comes back positive too. If so take a screenshot and #contactsupport. If you still have warranty that’s all you need for a replacement.

Thanks for your answer.
I tried to remove the screen (as shown on the video) but it seems stuck. Did not want to force, but I’ll have to if the problem persists.
The drawing test was successful.
Warranty is off by now ;(

Click on #disassemble. It will take you to a guide on how to take off the screen if it’s stuck. Assuming it’s stuck because it hasn’t been taken off before and not because something isn’t aligned well.

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That’s nice, thanks, it did the trick.
Shall see now.

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Since I opened up the phone and remove the screen to put it back (not even cleaning the connectors) I do not have the time display problem and the bigger problem that affected the screen mentioned above is gone. Good news then even if I have no clue why that miraculous cure worked ! It even seems that the battery is much slower to discharge in the same conditions but my impression is no scientific truth.
Thanks for the help Paula.


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