Recovering data from Fairphone3

Hi all!

I have a working Fairphone3 but without the battery, can i read the internal memory somehow?

I recently bought a replacement battery for my fairphone3, but the first time i used it i used with the apple 96watt charger and the battery started charging backwards; now batteries are out of stock, do you know when they will arrive?

Thanks in advance!

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If you happen to have #fairphoneangels in your vicinity (see #communitymap), they might be able to help you out with a battery or a charger temporarily.

Else …

Not without a charged or at least charging battery, or very expensive specialised hardware to read the built-in memory chip directly.


Sadly near my city there aren’t any #fairphoneangels! Could i ask them to send me a battery?

I’ve read topic and I think I can try one of those, I’ll buy one; I’m from italy, so if i found some models of working external charger, (the amazon links of the chargers you posted cannot be shipped to Italy) I’ll post them here!

This is what I was asking, what is the specialised required hardware?


Asking doesn’t hurt, but there might be prohibitive safety regulations for post services and the likes when it comes to sending single batteries of this type around, which would need some research beforehand.

If you’re really considering this route, you might rather want to search the internet for professional data recovery services in your area and get a quote for the recovery of your EMMC chip. They have the tools, they have the know how.
All I’m seeing in the internet is that you don’t do this at home yourself if you’re not a professional or an experienced enthusiast.


The restriction is on sending batteries not in the phone, so if you remove the sim and sd you could sent the phone minus battery to a #fairphoneangel and they could replace the battery if they have one.

Otherwise ask Fairphone how they intend to post batteries, after all, they do offer them.

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Ok, batteries are now in stock and i managed to have one!
Sadly, is still charging backwards, i’m now really thinking about an external charger.
Could the bottom module in someway change the situation? I’m using fairphone official cable and wall charger.

Thanks a lot for the interest!

With a new (warranty for 24 months) phone you may ask Fairphone to sort the issue.

I’m probabily doing this, thanks

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