Recovering calendar backup on a different Android phone

I recently lost my Fairphone :frowning: so I bought a new different Android phone. I’m trying to recover my calendar backup (made on my old Fairphone) to the local calendar of my new phone.

I haven’t found any App that understands the format of the VCS file I have. I’ve already tried importing the file to Google calendar (on my desktop PC), but it always ends up with an error. The file command on Ubuntu tells me it is a vCalendar file.

Any ideas are welcome!


Unfortunately I’ve never tried. I’ve done this with contacts but not calendar

I can’t account for the site/zip file (you may want to scan for viruses before using anything like this) but you might have to try a VCF to ICS converter like this:

ICS files should definitely import on android & google calendar

Thanks Chris. I’ll give it a try.