Recover eliminated photos


My father has a Fairphone 1. Three days ago it falled on the ground and it did the phone reset. In this way he lost a lot of pictures and files. Is there someone who knows if it is possibile to recover everything?

Thank you in advance,

Rebecca Romano

How exactly did the phone “reset” when it fell on the ground?

I don’t know. The screen became black with blue and fuchsia words. After that he started with the classic questions, like language, e-mail… When I turned on it, it did not have photos, files, apps.

Did he use an SD card for the photos?

If so, there is a chance to recover the pictures. But it’s crucial to use the phone as little as possible to avoid the data being overwritten.

Then you can use or another of many tools to recover deleted files.

No, he doesn’t use an SD card. So, is there no possibility to recover them?

Sorry, I don’t know. I never tried with images on the phone. Could try on Friday with my own phone. Anyways, the same applies to the internal storage: Files are not really deleted, but their “space” on the storage is marked as free and can be overwritten. To avoid this, refrain from using the SD card or the phone.

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Thank you very much. I hope to find a method to recover them. Meanwhile I don’t use the phone.