Recommendations for private blog in a fairphone spirit and editable with my fairphone?

Hi everyone, I want to start a private blog, preferably with open source, fitting the fp spirit … so that I can edit it with my FP2 open do you have any recommendations for me as a “non-tech” person? bestwishes


Hello @Marie1 :slight_smile:
Wordpress is what you are looking for.

I also recommend Wordpress. It’s very easy for beginners, but as you go you can also customize a lot.

Yes, WordPress is the way to go! You can customize everything (though you don’t have to) and many server hosters have one click install options at reasonable prices. If you don’t want to pay, you can always go ahead and get a free blog with a subdomain at (the commercial branch of this awesome open-source project). This will give you a little less customizability, but it’s free and there are no ads. And if you like, you can move to a self-hosted server later and take your data with you.

There WP browser backend is mobile friendly and can be used on the fp2. They also have an app that works like a charm in most cases.

All the best for your start in the blogosphere, make sure to share a link once you have everything up and running!

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thank you!!:relieved:

No problem @Marie1 :slight_smile:

For anyone still interested: Google is carbon neutral, so naturally their blogging service is, too! It’s called Blogger. I’m planning on transferring to their site at some point. Google is also set on becoming powered on 100% renewable energy by 2017, so could well be worth considering for the sustainably minded among you.

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I use the Dutch company Greenhost (my former employer) for carbon neutral and secure hosting and Known as blogging software.

Known has far less features then WordPress, but has the right ones (for me). It is much smaller, faster and leaner then WP and I like that I can post from the frontpage (as in most modern apps like FB and Twitter) and don’t have to go to the ‘back’ like in WordPress.

By the way, I like your question has ‘In a Fairphone spirit’ in it :slight_smile:
Also, if you want to get adventurous, try hotglue.


Hi Douwe,
I like your recommendations so much :slight_smile:
Particularly the hotglue - the demo was big fun!!
BTW, what is the forum softwares name? Would you take it again? I am very grateful for the many advices you made here, and I hope it is not too much if I ask?
We finished our crowfunding campaign recently, and I would like to bring FP to a wider audience. Someone said it is sold out? is that true?

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Discourse. You can check it at And yeah I am still very happy with it :slight_smile:

Sounds good! What was the campaign, what are your plans?

No, we have limited availability at the moment. But if you order today, you get it in september.


Hi Douwe, The campaign was good, see We plan to set up a new website. so we think about functions, hosting, … I like the idea of They seem to be connected and open source :slight_smile: and we try to figure out the best of all that.
Enjoy and have fun!


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