Recommendations for Backup on FP2

Hello All,
I keep getting a message on my FP2 saying: your data isn’t backed up. I think this is a Google message but it made me think I should perhaps back up my data anyway. I remember on my FP1 I used an app recommended here - Syncback possibly? So, I thought I’d ask your advice on backing up on the PF2.
With thanks!

What data do you want to backup? I guess the pictures and videos taken are already copied to the PC?

Well, I was wondering this. which I guess is why I’ve managed 21/2 years without backing up! Recently, I thought perhaps messages & locally held emails… I wondered if there might be something I was missing?

I use oandbackup, which hasn’t been updated since 2019. There’s a fork, oandbackupx, which is maintained but it’s not available for Android 7. I’ll switch to it when the upgrade comes, but for now, oandbackup works fine.

oandbackup can do a full backup of all system and user apps and their saved data, allowing for scheduling of bulk updates and restoring apps individually or in bulk. It even allows the user to only restore an app, or just its data, or both. Pretty handy when you want to reinstall an app without losing settings.

It won’t backup stuff in internal or external storage, though. So you’ll still have to backup your pictures, WhatsApp files, music, etc. manually.

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Thanks very much for this & I’ve now had a look at downloading it. It recommends I use something called F-Droid, so I’ve downloaded that but am not sure what to do next.
Any guidance would be much appreciated, thank you.

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F-Droid functions as an alternative to the Google Play store app - so you can download apps from there. If you open F-Droid on your phone you can then search for oandbackup and install it.

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