Recommendations for another phone

Hi all,

I imagine I am not the only profoundly disappointed FP1 user who bought her phone because she believed that this was a different type of company, only to find that less than 3 years later, Fairphone have withdrawn all updates, support and parts for sale. “Join the Movement” it says when I manage to switch my phone on, which is rarely because I have encountered the tricky charging problem that several of you on the help forums have mentioned, and it feels like a slap in the face. I thought I was joining a movement but instead I have spent money on yet another phone with built-in obsolescence…

Reluctantly I am going to have to replace my phone, which is totally not what I was expecting. Given Fairphone’s broken promises, I am not going to be buying another one. So, who knows of the least bad other phone supplier?

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You’re probably looking for:

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