Recharging a Fairphone 4 during car/bike travel

Fairphone 4 users. I want to be able to recharge my Fairphone 4 in the car and on my ebike during journeys.This is so I can use a satnav app on the phone to keep me on the correct route. My current charger only works when plugged into a socket in a building. Any ideas or advice welcome.Thank you.

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While I cannot provide experience with doing what you are planning to do with the FP4, past experience has shown that the double heat load that this means – heating up from processor load plus heating up from charging – has sometimes resulted in phones (the FP2) temporarily stopping to charge altogether to limit heat.

I don’t want to claim the same will happen with your FP4 (or the FP3), but this is a challenge for a phone.

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Is it always the same car, you will use? Doesn’t if have an USB-socket already? If not, there are several adapters for the cigarette lighter.

Which bike do you use? An eBike or a non electrified one with a hub generator? A powerbank ain’t a feasible solution?

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Thank you to everyone who has shared thoughts about this, I really appreciate it. I’m not very technology savvy as you can probably tell. My previous phone used Apple and I have really struggled with the Android system on Fairphone 4 as its so different. I bought the Fairphone 4 for its eco credentials and hadn’t considered the difficulties of using Android. I am older and wiser now. I have sufficient information to be able to buy an appropriate car changer. I think the solution for my bike is to purchase a powerbank. Many thanks to everyone for their help.


Have you checked if your ebike has an USB-port already, some of the newer ones do. There are solutions to retrofit something like that, what make and model are we talking? :thinking:

If you only need some additional power for cycling daytrips, I’ve been using a round Anker PowerCore 5000mAh combined with a Zéfal pump holder for some years now.
Easy to attach when needed and so far has survived every gravel route and even some light rain showers :slightly_smiling_face:

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Have you tried getting a dynamo on the bike and a car 12v QC3 charger to convert to the FP4 requirements?

I have an entry level ebike. I wasn’t sure how much I would use it so I just bought a basic one. I’m not a sports cyclist, my bike is instead of my car. When I retired 3 years ago I sold my car and bought a Victoria Pendleton ebike. I am very lucky as I live in the countryside in the middle of England, but there is a good bus service and I have a 15 minute walk to the local train station which connects to major UK cities fairly easily. My bike keeps me fit and gives me more freedom .

The bike is really heavy and that causes me problems. I am looking to replace it with a lighter, foldable ebike which will go on buses and trains more easily. I use my bike to go shopping locally and to go volunteering ( 22 mile round trip).If I’m tired I take it on the train.

The bike doesn’t have anything modern like a usb hub. I go to German classes 12 miles away to an area I am not very familiar with, up country lanes that are not well signposted. I get lost in the car unless I use the satnav or go on a very busy main road.

Now the better weather is here, I would like to go by bike, but am worried about getting lost. I think the power pack idea is a good one. I also saw a dynamo USB charger for use on bikes advertised in my cycling magazine. Thanks to everyone for their ideas and support.


Buy an ‘old fashioned’ hard paper map and plan your journey.
Also leave early so you can aford to go off track a bit a get the lay of the land.

I can really recommend the Brompton Electric, a family member has had one for about a year now. They aren’t cheap but very well built / designed and most importantly light enough to carry. As a fast cyclist I’ve hated every ebike I have tried so far, 25 km/h is below my speed without a motor, but the Brompton is just so much fun that even I take it for a spin sometimes :smiley:
And crucially, they include a USB charging port for your Fairphone, the perfect reason to justify the expense :smirk:

I just had to mount a SQ-lab 702 grip, because the included grips aren’t all that great ergonomics wise.


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