Rebooting uses a lot of power!

Hello fellow forumlings!

Yet another funny I have been provided by the neverending fountain of curious exclusive problems that is my Fairphone 2.

Just now my trusty FP2 ended a phonecall I was having with a friend by random reboot. It continued to consecutively reboot 4 times in total.

When it was done, battery saving was activated automatically.

Now check out the battery chart :joy:

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Sounds and looks like the battery could be a little loose and lose contact.
Try to fixate it against the contacts with a piece of cardboard or folded paper on the opposing side of the battery compartment.

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Thanks Elk

This is my second battery. I did the fix with Isoband as soon as I received it two years ago :slight_smile:

I learned to accept the random reboots as an exclusive feature of the FP2. But the battery drain is new.

Meh… The biweekly battery reset is due this Saturday anyways. I’ll just do it today.

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Also my FP2 often loses 10-20% battery charge on a reboot, however consecutive reboots quickly after the first one usually only cost a few percent.

I suspect the battery loss is not real, but yet another software issue. A device can never determine the exact amount of charge left in a battery.

Maybe the random reboots come just as surprising to the Fairphone as it is for us users the first couple of hundred times. Logs may stay incomplete, calculation tables might not be closed, so the device software needs to assume something.

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This is the best one yet :laugh:

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