Rebooting issues

I’ve had a scout around the forums for a potential solution, but couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, so I hope you don’t mind my starting a new topic. Recently, i.e. for the past couple of weeks or so, my FP has started rebooting at random. Reading around the forums, I noticed that others have also experienced problems with their FPs randomly rebooting, but the solution, which involved removing the Gmail and/or Google apps widget, hasn’t worked in my case. The reboot nearly always happens every time I pick it up after having not used it for a while and is triggered by touching/swiping any app or function. The reboot takes a few seconds and runs through the blue “Start a movement” and “Fairphone” screen. It can then happen again at any random point while I’m using the phone. Particularly annoyingly, the reboot loop is also triggered by the alarm function, so the alarm rings for a couple of seconds - which fortunately has so far been enough to wake me up! - and then stops as the phone goes into reboot mode!

Any help/advice etc. would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

…or point me in the direction of a relevant thread in case I’ve overlooked something of relevance!

I think you refer to a partial reboot, where it seems the graphical shell crashes. Anyway, I have a tasker that switches a sound profile and very often this kind a reboot happens when this task is running. There was a fairphone update that made it stabler in the beginning, but I still have reboots, but not as frequently as before. So I think it has to do with the sound system crashing. This has also happened to me when trying to change the volume with the volume switch during a call or during a video playback.
Help I can not offer in this issue, but maybe somebody else may know a solution

If you say it sounds like a partial reboot, I believe you - I’m not too hot on the technical jargon! Weirdly, it hasn’t happened quite as much over the past day. Even the alarm rang without cutting out after a few seconds! Still, I would appreciate it if anyone can offer any help or advice…


I’ve tried fiddling around with uninstalling apps etc., but this problem is persisting. Is there anyone out there who might have an idea of how to fix this? Is it something that’s likely to be fixed with the next software update?

Again, many thanks!

I suspect this too, do you use Sound Manager for switching profiles?
And some days ago I also suffered a reboot during changing call volume (never happen before) so “sound failure” could be a candidate to investigate deeper this issue.
Thanks in advance bye!

I use tasker to switch sound profiles. To me it happens once in a while, mainly when switching those profiles, but also when changing the volume when watching a video, or even when in a call an trying to change the volume.

Dear all,

I’m experiencing the same problem. My phone is randomly rebooting or even powering off.
This is even happening during a call… :frowning:
The problem happened when I was using the release 1.6 (or 1.7 I don’t remember what I got before). When I installed the release 1.8, the problem appeared more frequently (more than twice a day).
If anyone does have an idea ? Is there a way to produce log files to see if an app is crashing ?

Thanks in advance

ps : Tech: FP1U - Android 4.2.2

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