Reboot when playing Clash Royale

Hi, I have the last update of system; before I rooted my fairphone so with the last update I lost it.
But the problem is that now, when I’m playing clash royale, my phone rebbot very often, it’s very ennoying, do you know how to fix it please?
Thanks a lot

You could attempt to root your phone again.

Tanks, do you think it’s better than upgrade to thé advanced version?

I would advise you to first root your phone and see if that solves your problem.

OK,thanks… I will tell you if it works

If your phone works normal after rooting when you play Clash Royale, then you must ask yourself do I really want to play Clash Royale, if it demands a rooted phone.

Non it doesn’t need root, my friends, who have un rooted phones such as Samsung can play clash royale. I juste rooted the phone because root adds many possibilities

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You might have a random reboot issue not linked to Clash Royal in particular: