Reboot into fastboot mode gets stuck :(

I installed the latest fairphone open souce OS and it ran fine for a month. Had the xposed framework and GravityBox for MM installed. Yesterday GravityBox suddenly stoppen working, so I deinstalled it together with xposed to freshly install it both again.
But since then I cannot boot into fastmode (pressing power and volume down simultaneously): the reboot gets stuck right at the beginning showing the FP2 logo. What is the reason and what can I do?

Are you sure that’s not fastboot already? IIRC, fastboot does not show anything special on the display. Did you try to connect from your pc?


omg, i am so stupid and inexperienced. I downloaded the worng xposed installer package: downloaded it as a zip, not apk. No wonder that I didnt get it installed by tapping on the package.
Now I re-installed xposed from the apk, let it update, installed gravity box and all is fine.
Sorry if I did cost you time, guys. I am still a bit inexperienced configuring my phone to my wishes.

PS: I think I was in fastboot already. I remember that now from the time I installed the FreeOS :slight_smile: thanks for your reply. Your reply helped me to reconcider if/what I was doing wrong :slight_smile:

Sometimes, you need a(few) additional pair of eyes to find out what’s happening… :slight_smile:


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