Reboot instead of switch off since Upgrade to Fairphone OS 18.09.2

Trying to switch off the FP2 it just reboots even the Switch off button has been pressed.

As I just received a new FP2 a week ago for a family member we so the same behavior with the new phone after upgrading it to the above mentioned OS 18.09.2

This new phone had no sim-card and no sdcard installed and shows the reboot instead of switch off behavior. Only by removing the battery at the moment after the vibration for the switch off the phone stays off when the battery is inserted again.

Though both FP2 (one received last week, one bought about 2 years ago) show the same behavior after the upgrade. The updater says the OS is up-to-date.

Any idea how to solve this issue?

Any help is welcome.

Merry Christmas,

This is a known issue. At the moment there is a workaround to enable the torch/flashlight and shutting down while the flash is on.

Have a look at this list: ✏ Android 7 update: most annoying bugs, FAQ, etc
Maybe you’ll stumble over other problems that are already described there.


Thanks Ingo for your reply, especially on Christmas!
Really works that way.
Haven’t been aware that there is a list which already states all the issues.



If you have further questions about this please continue here to avoid duplicate topics:

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