Reboot FPU1 not possible, bootloop to Factory Mode

Hi! I Can’t reboot my FPU1. It only starts in the ‘Factory mode’ and it is not possible to go to the ‘Recovery Mode’ even if I use the volume up button an the power button.when I start the phone. What can I do? The volume button seems not to be fixed, what is mentioned here as a common Problem.

Factory Mode is a bit of an ambiguous term, but I guess you mean Testing Mode.

In Testing Mode you can use Volume Down to to move down, Power to select and Volume Up to go back to the previous menu. If that works then your Volume Buttons are probably not stuck.

I haven’t been in Testing Mode for a long while, but there are many things you can test, maybe you find something there that malfunctions that could be the cause of your issue?

If I remember correctly there is also a “reboot” option in Testing Mode. If you select that does the phone reboot into Testing Mode again?

Hi Paul,

thank You! In The Testing Mode I can’t move up and down with the volume
button. I only can move up with the return sign on the screen. I already
choosed the reboot option in the testing mode, but it reboots in testing
Mode again. Do you think the volume button is the reason?

Regards, Florian

Sounds like it. You could try carefully disassembling the phone. Maybe there is dirt somewhere causing the button to misbehave.

[Update: Please check all buttons first if they are stuck. @Johannes explanation - a stuck volume button – explains the problem pretty well! It would give you Power on + Vol up each time …]

Can you tell us what you did “before”? If you take out the battery for a while and but it back in, does this change how the phone reacts? Can you check (using the testing mode or other software) if your phone’s emmc is okay? EMMC = its flash/harddrive. I really dislike that you can’t swap the emmc in Android phones. (Don’t use clear eMMC it will wipe your eMMC or just use it as a last resort!) I wonder why it is that way, I’ve never found a good reason for that. Except Google, but that’s just my guess.

Just beware that ‘clear eMMC’ will delete all user data on the device…

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It sounds as if the volume-up button is stuck resulting in your phone booting to Testing Mode again.

This is how it looks like inside the phone:

And this is the little button that apparently misbehaves:

Open up your phone using this iFixit-Guide (pictures taken from there) and see if there is anything unusual there.

PS.: If you are unsure about this and your phone is still covered under warranty (2 years from delivery date), send your phone in and let them look into your phone.


Taking out the battery changes nothing. I tried it a few times.

I will test the emmc, thank you!


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