Reboot and WIFI access-point problems since upgrade to 18.09.2


I updated my phone OS to 18.09.2 a few weeks ago and I noticed some problems since then (I can’t guarantee they were not there before but I have this feeling).

First of all, my FP2 reboots quite often since then. It seems to happen at different moment, sometimes when the phone is in use (e.g. during phone calls) and sometimes not. It seems to happen particularly often when charging the battery (and more likely when the charge is close to 100%).

Second, I often use my phone as a WIFI access point (to work when commuting). This used to work great but since the update, it seems to work only for a few minutes (the 4G network seems ok since I can access the internet on the phone). After that, I have to turn off and on again the access point on the phone (of course, I have checked that the phone did not reboot in the meantime :). The WIFI on my laptop works fine on other WIFI networks

As I said, I am not sure that this is linked to the update but at least the access point problem looks more like a software problem. Since the update to 18.09.2 was a large update, it doesn’t sound impossible that there is a few bugs remaining.

Before digging more into this, I wanted to know if anyone have similar problems since the update.

Thanks in advance,

Please be so kind and take a read here which may enlighten you a bit on this issue.

@Patrick1: thanks a lot (I searched before posting but didn’t find anything relevant). I will try the options suggested by the wiki page and associated threads.

My phone seems to pass the battery test.

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