Reboot and no call possible after update to fairphone os 1.7.0, fp2

fp2 i did the update to fairphone os 1.7.0 and after several weeks enjoying my fairphone as it should react and be (or better: i could accept it), i again even cannot make an outgoing call.
also, i had a random reboot while trying, other trials it couldnt connect.
i deacticated wlan and internet, as it proved to solve this problem some version before…
but here, its just reacting random crazy.

I have the same problem on my FP2. Have you resolve it ?

@vmarche please try to find a more recent topic for your issue.
Btw, which issue do you have?
If you have random reboots please continue here.
If you can’t call anyone check out this topic or if the workaround there doesn’t help, create a new topic in #fairphone2help with a detailed description of your issue. (PS: Nvmd I believe you already did. :slight_smile: )

I’m closing this topic.