Reboot after call (update 1.4.2)

I updated my phone to 1.4.2. Everything seems to work fine. But after i make a call the phone reboots. This happens after every call. And during navigation with google maps or tomtom the phone sometimes restarts too.
Has somebody an idea…

I’m expiering the same or similar kind of issue after the update.
But it’s even worse: My phone reboots all the time, sometimes after a few minutes, sometimes it works a bit longer. Doesn’t depend on which app I’m using.
This is REALLY annoying as I practically can’t use it any more. (Reboot - entering pin-number - opening app/start a phone call/write a message - whole thing shuts down in the middle of everything - start process again…)
I would be very thankful for any advice, thank you!

Hi Lilian,
i found an APP (c.geo) installed on sd-card. After reboot the icon on the homescreen was deleted. Now i uninstalled this APP and made a few calls - no problems, no reboot :slight_smile: i will observe the behavior.

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Glad it works for you now!
I can’t find any new app or anything special on my phone…
Probably a very stupid question, but: It’s not possible to uninstall an update, is it? Because that’s what I really’d like to do right now…
Cheers! Lillan

Unfortunately the success was not long, a few minutes ago: reboot during the use of chrome :frowning:
Go back to an older firmware? Perhaps there is a package to download and then install via twpr.
Werks ago i installed the open OS, but GPS did not work. Also a lot oft other apps die not run.


On the download site of you find release 1.3.6. But i think, we lose all datas, because it is a new installation, no downgrade.

Creating a backup is always a good idea, but downgrading the OS by downloading a file and applying with the updater app should not delete user data.

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Yesterday i installed 1.3.6 via PC and adb/fastboot. Installation was successfull. But only a few minutes and the problem was back again. So i made the update to 1.4.2 via ota. Also no problems during installation. But the random reboot still exists. Now i wrote to the support - i think my phone is broken :frowning: Perhaps i can change a modul to fix this (spare part)?

Last chance: boot into recovery and wipe dalvik

Thx for your support.
Does a factory reset via bootmanager not erase the dalvik cache?

I didn’t try that and before I cook my brain I just do it (delete dalvik, not cooking brain).

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