Really bad network connection

I am happy of my ethical choice but man, this phone is the worst I have ever had.

I am having trouble connecting to my network: the signal icon changes, switching from no bars to half or full bars, between E, H+, 3G, 4G, cutting my side of the communication in the middle of a call ( people cannot hear me anymore), all this while I am standing in the exact same spot !
I read somewhere that it could be the antenna cables being misplaced. Can anyone teach me how to access them to see if they need fixing ?
Do I need to ask for a replacement ?

Second, I have these weird squares appearing on the screen sometimes, which is freaky as it looks like the display will completely crash.

Thanks for any help.

Apologies for the late reply - with the type of issues that you’re describing, it’s best to contact Fairphone Support (via the form here, or calling them using the details at the very bottom of the form). They’ll be able to assess whether anything needs replacing. If you happen to have a picture of the display problem it could be useful to attach it to the support request.

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