Re-install quick access

I seem to have unintentionally removed the quick access menu from my phone. I completely lost it on my phone. For this reason I can not use the phone option, for example (I can not open it via app-info). Does anyone know how I can restore this?

Do you mean the screen you see when you start your phone?
Try swiping with two fingers from left to right or right to left, there are five screens.
If you mean the menu with the six dots, shut down your phone and start your phone again.

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It does not work.

The quick access (“Your apps” widget) does not reappaear after a shutdown.

Any solution ?

Swipe on the phone from right to left
then on top of the screen you see apps and widgets
go to widgetsgo to the last page of the widgets
gentle touch ‘Your apps’ and hold your finger there
now move the widget to one of the homescreens