RAW photo samples from Fairphone 4

Dear Community,

I am new to Fairphone and I am interested in the Fairphone 4, especially the main camera.

As a photographer it is important for me, that I can get good RAW photos.
So, is anyone here who could share some photo samples in RAW/DNG (maybe with the App “Open Camera” if the stock photo app cannot shoot RAW)?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Best regards

Here you can find some example raw files from my FP4. The ones with IMG are taken with Open Camera, the others with Gcam port.


Thanks a lot for your help, Discostu36 :grinning:

These are looking really nice and this phone is the right one for me.

Best regards

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How does one convert the “flat” (unsaturated) dog images into properly saturated ones?

With a photo editing software. The preinstalled Google Photos app should be enough for most cases.

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