Random Screen dimming (while brightness slider stays at 100%) after A12 update

I can’t see that you have clarified

  • That adaptive brightness is disabled

Are you actively using the screen i.e. touching it is have you stopped manual engagement and only viewing the screen?

As far as this does, I can’t imagine this happens to everyone, I’ve not heard my daughter complain of such, so maybe there is, in that sense’ no fix. It could be personal to your use or your phone.

As you confirm its the issue described in the other topic I linked I will close here and merge the topics.

@anon9989719 this happens regardless of if adaptive brightness is on or off and the slider stays at 100% with adaptive brightness on or off. I haven’t noticed that ever since yesterday, so sure it might be your daughter did not notice or is not affected.

Yes I think writing is quite active :wink:

It is enough as long its properly working, however currently its not on some devices.


Brightness was insufficient in direct sunlight even with A11, at least on mine.
Now I think (but I am not sure) it has gotten even a little darker with A12.
No, extra-dim isn’t enabled (I’m a card-bearing member of the “it’s way too dark!” party), and as for adaptative brightness, if it doesn’t go to absolute maximum in direct sunlight (in southern France!) something is seriously broken!.. :roll_eyes:


The correct summary would be, people complain about the max brightness in direct sunlight and some people also complain about the brightness itself being not stable.

I personally think it’s the same problem. Indoors the max brightness is bright. But in sunlight that max brightness is just bright enough to see some text on a white background. It’s not really sunny here yet. I don’t know how it is elsewhere, but if real sunny weather hits, then likely more people will complain again, like last year.


I can speak for me and for me it is and always was bright enough in sunlight last year! Now its not because brightness is dropping while the slider stays at 100%. So for me it has absolutely nothing to do with indoor or outdoor, there is a bug that some notice without sunlight (see first reports) and I notice so far only in sunlight. I work a lot outdoors, so for me I have hundrets of situations to compare and for me its normally bright enough if it would work properly which it is currently not. No one here reporting this is hallucinating, its quite obvious once it happens. Could have have imagined this before yesterday? No, as you have to experience to really understand.


I’ve seen it happen too, you’re not hallucinating indeed.

So I don’t think this summary is incorrect. Although I indeed think people may also complain about the max brightness and confuse the performance with indoor lighting. This was a topic last year as well. But let’s see and wait.

There is also another issue with the light/proximity sensor.

It doesn’t look like things are improving on that regard either. Maybe things will be better with the FP5.

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Actually if you check the brightness sensor output, you’ll notice the sensor is rather limited, it cuts off way too soon, on both sides (dark and bright), thus erroneously reporting total darkness or full sunlight when it shouldn’t. It also has quite a steep response curve (resolution too low?).

If the proximity IR sensor is of similar built (or even the same part!) I am not surprised it reacts violently to passing tree shadows: Its output must be reporting a change from full light to total darkness with each shadow passing…


For me personally it’s adjusted perfectly. An OLED would’ve even be better at night and a higher max brightness would also be great. But other than that I’m satisfied for once :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually can’t, because I don’t have the order number for the smartphone. I can’t even activate my warranty, since I don’t have the original receipt. I wish I could somehow get the order number from the IMEI.


* These fields are mandatory


The order number shows you are the legitimate owner, if it could be done by the IEME then a ‘stolen/found’ phone owner could circumvent access etc.

So why do you not have the receipt, do you not even have an email? If you bought second hand or it was a gift contact the buyer.

Alternatively you can initiate contact with Fairphone via email support@fairphone.com

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HW: FP4, 5G, 256 GB
SW: recently updated to Android 12
Display-Setting: Brightness 100% / automatic dimming function disabled
Akku: 70-100% loaded

Independet from environmental lightning conditiones after a random operating time (0-30 minutes) the display will dimm down to approx. 30-50% brigthness. Too less, to read comfortabely or see what e.g. car-navigation at a sunny day shows. After an additional random time (minutes, houres) suddenly the brightness will return to full brightness. I could not find any correlation to a specific app or operating mode. Seems to be compleley random when and how long the display will become dimmed down.

Is there a correlation do Android 12 - Update? When will bugfix be available?
Defect Display?
SW-Bug in FP4?

Thank you for your fast assistance

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hi and welcome, there seems to be some bug, please see above.

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Welcome Powerfrau and thanks for the info.

Please remember that this is just the community forum: you need to inform official Fairphone Support of your problem, even if it has already been reported by other users.

See how to > contactsupport

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Was purchased it by my dying grandfather. He didn’t bother to retain the receipt, to my knowledge.

I suggest you use the web-form you already tried, to get in touch with support. Explain your situation and add any supporting details you can, such as

  • when bought (even approximate like “late 2021” but be as specific as possible)
  • from whom : online shop? Network operator? A store somewhere?
  • name and address of purchaser

You could offer to provide the IMEI but don’t cite it in your initial message.

Important: in the drop-down list “What is your request about”, choose “Something else”. That way, you don’t need the order details to complete the form.

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Random brightness changes: Just for the record, I got some too yesterday. I was reading something on the phone in a not very brightly lit room, without moving (nothing to change the amount of light the brightness sensor receives), and yet, all of a sudden, it got brighter. Then, a couple seconds later, it dimmed back to the previous level.
I moved the phone a little to see if I could trigger it again, to no avail. Go figure.

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That’s the very low level, bored to bits AI trying to get your attention. The AI world can be very lonely.

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I have noticed that after updating to android 12 (kpn, so not too long ago) my screen brightness will randomly drop even though the screen brightness is at full. I have also noticed that when it happens the last quarter of the screen brightness setting doesn’t actually dim the screen more as it seems to have hit the lowest setting. The lower max brightness makes it really difficult to see the screen in sunlight, and is quite annoying. Sometimes it randomly becomes brighter again though. I have checked my settings and extra dim is off.

Does anyone know what’s going on?

Thanks in advance!


A bug?

Please see above.

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