Random Screen dimming (while brightness slider stays at 100%) after A12 update

Same issue. So annoying in bright sunlight. Please fix asap

@Yasen_Tomov , would be great to have an update. again many days have passed with your idealistic customers tolerating issues which are actually pretty unacceptable.



Hi You are not communicating with Fairphone really, so ‘Please fix’ goes over the heads of support, but I’m sure they are on the case :slight_smile:

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I have a question for those who know - first time for me with an alternative ROM, so I don’t really know how this goes.

My Fairphone runs CalyxOS. Since Fairphone 4s running stock Android or /e/ are also affected, I presume the issue is either with one of the drivers or with AOSP.

Assuming it’s a driver: will Fairphone push the fix as some APK to install? Or is it done through a system OTA update in all cases? If the latter, do I have to wait for the CalyxOS folks to pick up the fix and push an update of their own my way?

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As far as I know yes and yes :wink:


Your last messages about debugging motivated me to do some stuff as well. I found this requesting nits when no mapping exists line interesting as well and when I Ducked/Googled it I got back to this topic :nerd_face:

I see the error pop up quite often. When the screen times out and when the screen is turned on again. But also indeed when the brightness error is triggered when e.g. calling. Which I guess relates more to the issue below. But might also be completely unrelated since the error line seems to happen all the time, but not one of the those bugs themselves occur.

So then I tried my old Google Pixel 3. Ran the same command and filtered only for the Error log level and above that with adb logcat -s *:E, as I also did with my Fairphone 4. And wow, the difference is day and night. On the Pixel there are hardly ANY errors. On the Fairphone 4 you get to see so many of the error tags it’s almost as if it’s a demo of logcat or as if I enabled a low level debug mode. But even worse, I excluded info level logs and such… I knew Fairphone was bad, but jezzzzz.

Anyway, will dig into this more some other time. Maybe I have to setup an Elastic Search cluster to make sense of this amount of errors :crazy_face:


Okay thanks!

[quote=“amoun, post:297, topic:93195”]…
but I’m sure they are on the case :slight_smile:

Since when you’re sure about this? As now also for this bug several month have passed without FP finding a solution, I am pretty sure that FP has other priorities than customer satisfaction.


Did you see the post from Fairphone?

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Managed on cloud or on prem? :smile:

Anyway I’ve also got this requesting nits when no mapping exists a lot, not only before the screen dims, mostly after a bunch of seconds in loop. But didn’t know is related with the proximity sensor.

Actually I don’t have other Android phones to check, but from the log you have got the Pixel 3 is optimized, for sure.

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About this I can say that today a Fairphone employee replied to the Gitlab comments.
They have got the logs and info that I have updated yesterday and passed to the dev team.
Let’s see what happens next.

I am a user like you, so I am not taking sides or defending anyone.
I am optimistic, though, because I think the solution is close.


Sure I saw this post which is from June 14th. The thread was started begin of Feb though. Hence my question, since when you are sure about FP working on this. And even if now they are working on it I strongly doubt that they are working 8 hours a day with 3 people on it. This would approximately be the priority my company would put to such important bugs.


Luke, I am so happy that customers like you work on this topic. However it is ridiculous that nice people like you apparently have to do the job of the FP employees. I hope that the new FP-CEO will establish a different company philosophy…


CalyxOS like other custom roms still include the vendor specific parts and firmware. So they always have to wait for the vendor to include firmware patches and then roll them out with their own OTA uodates. So, once fairphone puts out a patched firmware, it will be included in the next CalyxOS update, which is usually the same day.

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Good info. Thanks!

Hi there,
Basically, I am happy with my fp4.
For some months, now, the screen would dim to lowest brightness when exposed to daylight or sun. Out of the blue, and not allways immediately after exposure. Simply not readable, at all.
The brightness setting is on 100%, though, and the automatic dimming off.
The extra dimming mode is set off, as well.
Anybody in this forum who experience similar challenges?

Hi and welcome, just read above.


@Yasen_Tomov , thanks for an update, still waiting.

@all: sorry for such posts but I would try to use this forum to apply more pressure on fairphone.


As generally Fairphone don’t read these topic and posts, the pressure is largely upon the users who try to keep in touch to help. It’s not pleasant to see this sort of thing.

The better course is always to contact support officially and then point them to any topic that helps confirm your concern. Then Fairphone will check the topic and may
join the discussion, which is probably what happened here.

There is no point in just complaining on the forum unless it’s for emotional support

One of the all


I do believe that Fairphone cares when rows and rows of people complain here. This also deters future customers when they see that major bugs that have been known for months are still not fixed. That’s why one can only warn against buying a Fairphone at the moment. And I am still lucky that I am not affected by ghost inputs (so far). But the random dimming issue alone is intolerable.