Random Restart after a few days

my Fairphone 4 randomly restarts after a few days. I am then prompted to enter the Sim PIN.

In itself, of course, this is not a big showstopper. But I am interested in where the problem comes from and if anyone else notices this behavior?

Is there any way to view system logs?

Hi and welcome to the forum.

If this is a SIM you used in another phone it may not be an exact fit. The slots in phones can distort the SIM making the contacts fickle.

You can try cleaning the SIM, or ask for a new one.

Of course you may have loose contacts in the phone, so it may be an idea to check the screws are ‘tight’

Failing the above, contact support and say you are thinking of taking the phone apart to ensure all the modules are fitting nicely.

I have the same issue. It happens from time to time, usually when I’m typing something. It doesn’t reboot when it’s in my pocket. It could be a lot of things, never taken the time with logcat or something to test out why this happens. I do run the FP monitoring agent. So if they really monitor it, they should see the error. Clean and new SIM by the way. Others have reported this as well. No explanation from FP support.

How old is the SIM? Maybe its a bit faulty. do you have a SD card inserted?