Random reboots on FP3

Only a week or two in and this has been happening to my Fairphone 3. It sucks a bit, but my main wonders are:

  1. How do I debug this myself? (I have a hunch it may be the audio module being not connected properly, because it often happens after the phone not playing sound for a bit, but this is just a hunch)
  2. How do I get the crash logs and report this to Fairphone? The Fairphone 2 could automatically report crashes through a custom app, but I don’t see this app on the Fairphone 3? If this is just a software issue that an app I use may be triggering, it can’t be fixed unless Fairphone gets these crash reports obviously.
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You could try to find out, if that’s the case.
Can you connect the begining of the reboots - timewise - to the installation of o new app?
Could you try uninstalling the apps, to check if this is solving your issue? (Ideally you would reset the phone.)
If that would help, you could install the apps one by one to find out which one is causing the troubles.

I am not sure about this, but normally the modules should be fixed and well connected.
Did you try to disassemble and reassemble the phone?

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It turned out my SD card’s filesystem had some corruption. At some point Android asked me to reformat it. After copying all my data to my laptop, formatting it in Android and copying the data back to my SD card I haven’t had a single crash in weeks. So, resolved for me, and definitely something to try for anyone else getting random reboots.


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