Random reboots After android 13 update

Rebooting fp4 many times here as well after freezing and getting hot. Provider T-Mobile NL

Switched to the preference 2/3/4g instead of 5g

Problem did not occur any more
How will I be notified I can switch on 5g again?

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Get in contact with support, they should be able to tell you the next steps. Infos here contactsupport

My FP4 has crashed and rebooted several times in the 24 hours after the update, and is not stable at the moment.

I will try to check the logs (if I find a way to access them :slight_smile: )

yesterday my FP4 also crashed and then rebooted on its own when i connected my bluetooth headphones from soundcore to the device. When connecting now appears like a message the information that “Qualcome AptX HD” used. I tapped on the message and then it crashed and restarted independently. This has never happened to me before.
Wanted to write it in here for documentation.

Indeed disabling 5G connectivity seems to have stabilized my system. I’ll check this thread to understand why :slight_smile:

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Not sure if the problem I’m getting is related. After A13 installation my phone was freezing, and had to be restarted to work. I seem to have stopped it by turning off auto-rotate. Android 13 upgrade causes FP4 to freeze


Good morning,
yesterday the device crashed on me again. I have now set it back to 4G. I think that is why little noticed with me, because my FP4 is most of the time in the WLAN. And 5G is not available everywhere and I think that it does not come to crashes. Is really a stupid problem. Is not critical, but annoying.

The rotation function I do not have on, I find annoying :). But in itself I’ve had no problems because of it. The connection between 5G and the other things that bring the device to crash, I do not quite understand. I would say from the gut that the drivers for the 5G module are not optimal. But the people at Fairphone certainly know better. I have not had a black screen yet. Just the crashes in connection with 5G. I think that you really have to be connected to 5G for a crash to occur. My FP4 only crashed when it was on the 5G network. It never happened with WLAN and 4G.

After updating to Android 13, my FP4 constantly restarts on its own. The build number is FP4.TP1V.C.073.20230905
it’s very annoying and make me think of switching to another brand and model.


write to support!!

Strange, I’m exactly in the same position as you and have the restarts.

I’ve deactivated 5G for now, let’s see if it helps me.

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As I said above: I now have the reboots too. 5G seems to be the reason, especially when changing the mobile cell (e.g. when in train). Contacted support.

Given all the comments about reboots, is it better to wait to update to Android 13? Will we receive notice when it’s resolved?

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I would have waited if I knew. No 5G means no mobile connection on public transport here :-/

I’ve had a few instances of this type of freezing, too, since upgrading to Android 13.

One thing I noticed was that each instance seemed to have the screen “half-” rotated, the content of the screen hat changed orientation to landscape but the screen was still showing in portrait mode, if that makes sense.

Yesterday morning I turned off the auto-rotate feature and have been running without crashes since.


Thats discussed here so maybe we could seperate the reboot from the freeze issue here and discuss freezing in the other topic


I can reproduce the error…

Every time I switch from the German to the Swiss network, the phone reboots.

This does not happen from Switzerland to Germany.

What happens if you switch off 5G?

It works perfectly for me to disable 5g on Deutsche Telekom’s network to stop reboots. But of course it limits the phone, depending on your provider’s and countries specific network coverage.
I found many places where there is on only Edge and 5g so no 5G means no real internet access.

It just proves that there is a correlation between 5G and reboots.
Valuable information for the developers.

Thank you for the advive to disable the 5G. I hope the support does something about it in a future update!