Random Notification "Preparing SD Card"

A couple of hours ago, the notification (with sound) “Preparing SD Card…” started popping up on my phone and is now repeating in ca. 30 minute intervals without me doing anything at all. I haven’t used any SD card functions all day or turned USB storage on/off. I have already restarted the phone but it still keeps notifying me. What is happening here? Is there some kind of saving process going on that I’m not being notified of - and how do I stop this? It’s pretty annoying.
I mean, I could turn off the sound altogether but that’s not exactly a solution.
Would appreciate help. Thanks!

Maybe the SD card is corrupted. Try it with another phone to see, if the SD card is damaged.

In that case format it (attention, this will erase all your data stored on the SD card).

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Update: It was indeed the SD card.
I formatted and re-filled it twice and each time the same thing happened after a while. I suppose it was due to the fact that I changed the storage location from internal to SD a few times in the beginning because I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to handle it when I first got the phone.
Whatever it was - I got a new microSD and it’s working like a charm now.
Thanks for the suggestion!

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