Random and frequent reboots on FP OS 18.09.2

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Same with me:
My FP2 phone seems to get more stable and reboots are more seldom since …

  • I cleaned the phone by deleting the data in various app caches and deleting photos (first made backup and copied them).
  • I disinstalled several android Apps known for bugs that cause crashes, e.g. Android Auto and Spotify.
  • I disinstalled safety apps: cc cleaner and go security. (Safety Apps are an issue since they often contain spyware and/or advertising)
  • I disinstalled free cell game

Result: The phone reboots less frequently and apparently only during charging.


Same here. Crashes and reboots several times a day.
Phone is generally way more unstable since android 7.1.2 update.
Wifi doesn’t connect, apps/phone freeze and crash, phone boots very slowly… Very annoying…


Same situation here with my wife’s FP2. Fequent reboots after the upgrade to Nougat.


Same Problem wigh my phone - since Update to OS 18.09.2 - about 20 times a day and more.
Anyone can help?


Mentioned earlier, but perhaps not everybody reads all the way back …

#rebootsguide … contains some general hints.

#contactsupport … if nothing here in the community forum helps.