Random and frequent reboots on FP OS 18.09.2

Same with me:
My FP2 phone seems to get more stable and reboots are more seldom since …

  • I cleaned the phone by deleting the data in various app caches and deleting photos (first made backup and copied them).
  • I disinstalled several android Apps known for bugs that cause crashes, e.g. Android Auto and Spotify.
  • I disinstalled safety apps: cc cleaner and go security. (Safety Apps are an issue since they often contain spyware and/or advertising)
  • I disinstalled free cell game

Result: The phone reboots less frequently and apparently only during charging.

Same here. Crashes and reboots several times a day.
Phone is generally way more unstable since android 7.1.2 update.
Wifi doesn’t connect, apps/phone freeze and crash, phone boots very slowly… Very annoying…

Same situation here with my wife’s FP2. Fequent reboots after the upgrade to Nougat.

Same Problem wigh my phone - since Update to OS 18.09.2 - about 20 times a day and more.
Anyone can help?

Mentioned earlier, but perhaps not everybody reads all the way back …

#rebootsguide … contains some general hints.

#contactsupport … if nothing here in the community forum helps.

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Hi there, same problem for me. No problem at all before update, many problems immediately after, with rebooting as main problem. Very frustrating. I did a complete factory reset twice, but this did not help. Other problems and probably related: camera app stops suddenly all the time.

Hi everyone,

I figured out that there’s no one mention this issue on bug tracker, I have created an issue report on bug tracker https://bugtracker.fairphone.com/project/fairphone-android-7/issue/182
Please contribute to give more feedback so that our developer will figured out the problem.


I also have this problem, just tested it some days ago, but I’m using LOS
Must of the times I’m using “Battery Charge Limiter” to avoid fully charging the battery.
My peek-runtime w/o reboot was 720 hours (=30 days) sofar, reboot reason then was a LOS update.

This confirms some of my observation (reboot on fully battery charge).
d2w, please bug report following my bug tracker.
There’s other occasion my phone reboots under FP OS, not sure if there’s something related to memory/cache usage on some app.

But honstely: I’m using LineageOS 15.1, and not FP OS… I don’t know if I should to it, even if it’s the same problem… :roll_eyes:

It hints to developer that there’s something to check over charge issue causing restart, OS independently.

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Ok, done! -20 chars-

Just want to let everyone know that this problem is still not considered as new OS’s bug. That means there’s no plan at the moment to fix this issue for the upcoming update.

Those who reported suffering from this issue, please contribute to bugtracker where I opend a ticket.

This entry in Taiga is wrong, I’m on Lineage OS, and still have the FULL charge bug sometimes, I can’t say anything about Fairphone OS, because I left it long time ago, please edit your entry!

Your entry:
“Oh, and just to let you know that there’s user reporting this issue only occur on the Fairphone OS but not on Lineage OS (d2w on the top of this thread is the one).”

I have no account over there at the bugtracker, so I’m answering here …
Regarding “I have some paid apps belong to Google Play Store so going to LineageOS is not my option.”

Google stuff works just fine on LineageOS … you just have to install it.
Open GApps offers packages you can choose from for doing this comfortably in TWRP. The minimum package to give you the Play Store would be “pico”.
For the current LineageOS 15.1 on the Fairphone 2 you would choose ARM - 8.1 - (package of your choice).

And since LineageOS is a so-called custom ROM, an Android variant not certified by Google (in contrast to e.g. Fairphone OS), you could look into Google Play Certification, Google’s way of allowing you to use a non-certified Android with the official Google Apps and services without having to fear being blocked by Google somewhen somehow, if Google would somewhen feel like enforcing this.

@ [d2w]
Just edited my entry. Please take a look at.

@ [AnotherElk]
Thanks for your info. So even a paid app on the Play Store works on the LineageOS?
I certainly misunderstood about how the OS works with Google. I’ve once tried CyanogenMod OS (predecessor of LineageOS) a long time ago with other Android device and couldn’t figured out how, messed up with OpenGApp once. that’s the reason why I thought we can’t.

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It makes no difference to the Play Store whether it runs on LineageOS or any other Android, as long as the necessary Google services are installed (and Google Play Certification is active for the device to be safe in a future in which Google might perhaps block non-certified devices).

I ran the Play Store and some paid Apps myself for quite some time with Open GApps pico installed on Fairphone Open OS and later LineageOS.

Unfortunately this prooved to be wrong. The phone keeps rebooting up to 15 times per day. Even after factory reset it did not stop rebooting. Does it since udate to Android 7.
Slightly fed up with FP II (one of the first …) Since I received it in January 2016 I replaced:
3 cases - now its my 4th
2 top modules
bottom module
New Camera
Altogether that makes up to around 250 Euros on replacement plus the original 530 Euros purchase costs: 780 Euros … - Plus the phone now seems to be finaly broken as the reboots have not stopped. :frowning:

I agree that this really sounds like an unusable phone :frowning:
Did you consider to go back to version 6 as this version worked stable for you? Information about how to go back can be found e.g. at ✏ Android 7 update: most annoying bugs, FAQ, etc

Thank you Volker. Yes, I will go back to version 6 and report here if this proves successful.

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