Random and frequent reboots on FP OS 18.09.2

Same problem here, had that already about a year ago and it stopped, as far as I can remember, with an update (unfortunately I can’t remeber, what update it was - hope, they solve the problem soon…

I also experience the frequent reboots om FP OS 18.09.2. Since a short while, after a sudden reboot, my simcards are “gone”. I have to do another, manual, reboot to get everything working again.
Besides that, I experience a camera that cannot take pictures until a reboot is done, and other apps that fail.

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From what I understand reading the comments at https://bugtracker.fairphone.com/project/fairphone-android-7/issue/182 I’d say that the SW developers have not yet been able to reproduce it so it seems to be a bug but could not yet be confirmed/fixed.

If I am not mistaken, there is already another issue on the bugtracker:


This one is for the beta phase already, and the problem obviously survived it and made it into the “stable” version…

I also have reboots since I updated to FP Open 18.10.0 (accordingly to FPOS 18.09.2 = first Android 7.1 release). Of course now I am on FP Open 19.02.1 but the reboots are still remaining.
Now I have 2 questions (posted also in https://bugtracker.fairphone.com/project/fairphone-android-7/issue/34 ) before deciding if this topic is the right one to share more information (stacktrace etc) or if I should open a new topic:

  1. Is this topic only about soft reboots? Because in my case there are always soft reboots.
  2. Is this topic independent of using FP Open or FPOS? I think so.

I’d say feel free to join in … I’ve got GPU resource dead locks which mostly resolve in 10 seconds, some hard reboots and occasionally a soft reboot … symptoms may vary and your reboots may have another cause …

Personally, I blame everything on the QualComm drivers … I guess those are about the same for all Android 7+ distros available for FP2 … I’m now on LineageOS 15.1, which does not solve it and it even has some more issues with hang ups while unlocking. When running Chrome browser I do have some graphic glitches, but apparently Chrome has GPU workarounds … it never hung up.

As I suspect certain GPU operation are causing my problems, they are not really ‘random’ anymore … so I’m off-topic for that sake :slight_smile:

FWIW, I’ve had the same sudden reboots since updating. I’m gonna trying going one version back and see if that fixes it.

@siemen: The version I’m currently on is 18.04.1. I think my trouble may have started with this last Android 6 update. So you may want to go back a version before that.

Actually, I think I have more hangups and reboots now than after installing that last Android 6 update at release … this may indicate my hardware deteriorated even more or that the apps which I currently use are more GPU intensive … I started using Clash Royale and newsapp NU.nl may be using more video and animation since then, but even animations in Launcher (like dragging in a an app icon) may trigger a reboot.

Good luck and I hope to hear it fixes yours.

Oh! I thought this “bug” was just peculiar to me. Quite often I’ll leave home after being on wifi, and my phone will be stuck on Edge. I’ll then reboot it and quite a lot of the time when it completes, the phone will think it’s missing both sim cards. I’ll have to reboot again (sometimes a couple of times) before it decides the sim cards exist.

It’s totally weird. I often see it after a random reboot as well, almost like something crashes on the phone it reboots but something has mucked up networking for that next start.

Hi there!
I finally put a solution to the issue by switching to LineageOS.
After trying different alternatives, Lineage OS 16.0 means no random reboots for me. Previous versions (15.1) didn´t really make any difference compared to FPOS, but it´s been two months I´ve been using my FP2 in every way I´ve needed and I can say I´m back to a normal reliable phone.

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Yes, I can confirm this.
Running LineageOS 16.0 for about two months and no more reboots :slight_smile:

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Hi Fairphoners,

I have a Fairphone 2 powered by FairphoneOS 19.08 (Android 7 Nougat). I have also installed the new camera.

Since I have migrated to Android 7, my fairphone reboots about once per 24 hours. It occurs often during the night, or when I am not using it.
Have anybody a similar problem ? How to fix it ?



If you have a working backup you might try to do a factory reset and see if that helps.

Hi Volker.

Thank you for your answer. I was very busy the last weeks. But I did not forget your message. I have reset the Fairphone 2 to the factory reset this last week. But it did not fix the problem. The Fairphone still reboots.

However I have noticed a warning message because the SD extending memory card which is merged with the internal RAM by Android. I will try to reset to the factory setting without merging the SD card with the internal RAM.



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I have restored again the Fairphone to the factory settings with the SD Card mounted as an external disk. The phone still reboots especially during the night.

I have deleted all the applications that are not from the vendor of by default in Android. I have restored again the phone to the factory settings. But the phone still reboots.

That is weird.

Has anybody any solution ?



You did a factory reset already, so software-wise I would say you could try

Hi !

After my late factory reset, I have removed completely the SD Card. I have notice that the phone reboots less often. So I ask myself if there is an incomplete support of the SD Card with Fairphone OS 19. But it reboots sometimes anyway, so that is not the only one reason.

Thank you AnotherElk for your answer. I will try to a complete set up from scratch of the phone.


Hi liebe Fairphoner!
Ich schreib mal auf Deutsch, weil mein Englisch so schlecht ist. Hofentlih versteht mich hier einer! :slight_smile:

Folgendes Problem: Seit heute morgen rebootet sich mein FP 2 ununterbrochen von selber. Ich öffne WhatsApp, beginne mit einer Nachricht - Neustart. Es liegt neben mir auf dem Tisch - Neustart. Ununterbrochen.
Ich bilde mir ein, dass es heute Nacht aus ca. 20cm Höhe von meinem CD-Player gerutscht ist. Dazu habe ich heute eine App genutzt, um Fotos von meiner Camera auf das Handy via WLAN zu senden. Das hat noch funktioniert. Die App habe ich deinstalliert, inder Hoffnung, das Neustarten zu verhindern. Das hat nichts gebracht.

Es verbindet sich außerdem nicht mit jedem Neustart mit meinen Simkarten. Auch das Touch funktioniert nur noch schlecht.

Hat irgendjemand eine Idee? Ist das so speziell, dass ich mich am besten direkt an den Support wende?
Ganz herzlichen Dank im Voraus!

Hi AnotherElk,
I have followed your advice to Install from scratch FairphoneOS 19. The process is well documented. So I have done it without any problems. Congratulations. But unfortunately, it did not fix the problem of reboots during the night.
Thank you anyway for your answer and for being involved in the forum.



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